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Blogging Perks: Vista Venice, Part 1

Written by  Joanna Empit
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My friends and I had the opportunity of going to Vista Venice in Bataan, to try out their services and do some blogging. We were all quite excited. I mean, just being together for the weekend, having fun, and not being worried much about expenses - it was quite a blessing.

I frequent more in the south, so it was quite exciting to travel up north and see some sights, as well as take pictures. Compared to the south, which I think looks more developed, the northern part has wide lands and is mountainous. Being on the road made me feel like I was in the rural parts of Japan.

It was a long ride going to Bataan. We traveled for about three and a half hours coming from Manila. Well, we actually got kind of lost and took the long way. We passed by Subic to get some booze, then it was a route disaster from there. That aside…

After long hours of travel, we finally arrived in Vista Venice, located somewhere in Morong, Bataan. We were welcomed with some food and refreshments as soon as we came in.

We ate spicy spare ribs, as well as chopsuey. The price for their meals cost around P150 to P250, and is good for 2 people or more, depending on your appetite. We were really hungry from our trip, so we devoured the food in just a few minutes. After, eating, we were guided to where we are staying.

We stayed at their Superior Room (above), which costs P4,500/night. It can accommodate up to 12 people. So if you guys are a lot, that is just like P375/night, per head. They also have a Deluxe Room (below), which costs P3,900 (P975/night), and can accommodate up to 4 people.

Their bathroom was also okay. We were happy to know that they have a water heater - definitely a plus since the weather was quite cold when we visited there.

After that, we got to tour their butterfly sanctuary. About 300 butterflies were fluttering when we were there, and that one (above), was a pro at staying still and giving us good shots. They even had a man-made pond full of shrimps!

After resting for a bit, we went around Vista Venice, and looked at their other facilities. They had one kiddie pool, and another one for adults (above). They also have a beautiful grotto (below) and mini amphitheater for small performances.

They also have function rooms (first pic), exercise equipment just like those that they have in Korean parks (second pic), and a military obstacle course (third pic). They also have wall climbing, zip lining, as well as rappelling. They also have spa amenities such as a fish spa, a volcanic spa, full body massage, and others.

Vista Venice is located in Morong, Bataan. It is ideal for team building seminars, given its facilities. However, outdoorsy families who are looking for a weekend getaway would also enjoy the place.

If you want to know more, you can check out Vista Venice’s Official Site for more details.

Next time, I shall blog about my visit in two of Bataan’s beaches, Westnuk and La Salle, which are both affiliates of Vista Venice.


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