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A Holiday Treat at Vista Venice

Written by  Michael Mendoza
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Summer has arrived. It is the season where most of the people go on a vacation, expeditions and outings, and time to spend with friends, family and loved ones wherever their destination is. During this season, the most popular destination for getaways is beach and resorts and there is a place in Morong, Bataan where you can go and still enjoy the summer heat – Vista Venice!

Before the summer has officially started, me and some of my group mates went to Vista Venice for a quick escapade. This was the first time that I’ve been with group of friends but true enough, to really enjoy the whole getaway experience, you must be with good companions - friends who are always game as you are, may it be with activities, adventures, food and so on.


The Entrance

Once you enter the resort, you will see this huge logo. You really are in Vista Venice!

The Room

This is our room for our entire stay, it’s a 6 bed room and it was good to be honest. There is hot shower too, after a hot day’s fun from the extreme sports!

Butterfly Garden and Culinary Herb Garden

Before we came to the garden, the butterfly garden was prepared days ahead for us to experiene it. The garden is enclosed in nets to prevent the butterflies from escaping. The butterfles we’re abundant and gorgeous when you see them upclose! They all come in different wing colors, pretty!


Vista Venice is truly a place that you will never run out of things to do. There’s always something new to experience when you visit this place. It’s a good way to spend your summer and enjoy nature with your loved ones! So, go and try the summer activities in Vista Venice, make a different memory this time around and appreciate the warmth of summer and what nature has to offer. I hope you enjoy yourself once you visit. And I promise to go back and complete the adventure by next time.


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